Oct 24, 2018 at 8:01 PM

State Rep. Sue Scherer, a Democrat from Decatur, has done a good job as the representative of the 96th Illinois House District since 2013. We think she should continue in the role.

Scherer, a former elementary school teacher, has, not surprisingly, focused a lot on education issues. One of her goals if given another term is to help address the growing teacher shortage in Illinois, where her education background will be a welcome voice. She’s smartly combined that focus with pushing for job growth and economic improvement: Better education should, after all, lead to a better economy.

Unlike many Democrats, she is asking for more details about the proposal to change the state to a graduated income tax system.

Scherer is being challenged by Republican Herman Senor of Springfield. Senor would bring with him a unique perspective: He is a veteran, a state employee who works for the Illinois Department of Transportation and has served on the Springfield City Council as the alderman for the 2nd Ward since 2014.

That’s an intriguing combination: He would know how proposed policies would actually affect state employees. We could use the sensibilities of more veterans — who know the importance of teamwork — in the legislature. And with experience as a city official, he can articulate clearly how decisions made in the General Assembly have actually affected the state’s communities.

We like his priorities of getting term limits enacted and achieving high funding levels for the state pension systems, and of wanting to work with institutions of higher education to create population retention plans. But his plans largely lacked details in both his interview and the candidate questionnaire.

Scherer is endorsed for another term.

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