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State Reps. Bristow and Stuart sign ‘Contract with the Middle Class’ pledge

COLLINSVILLE – Continuing their efforts to stand up against extreme attacks on workers’ rights, state Reps. Monica Bristow, D-Godfrey, and Katie Stuart, D-Collinsville, joined local labor leaders on Tuesday to sign a “Contract with the Middle Class” and publicly pledge their commitment to protect wages, workplace protections and collective bargaining rights for all.

“I am proud to stand with members of organized labor to pledge my commitment to protect workers’ rights and stand up to the recent attacks on middle-class families,” Stuart said. “Politicians like Dwight Kay and Bruce Rauner have sided with big corporations in an attempt to drive down wages and weaken the standard of living for working families. I strongly oppose these efforts and will continue working to put middle-class families first.”

Stuart and Bristow signed the Illinois AFL-CIO’s “Contract with the Middle Class” pledge to prioritize middle-class families ahead of Bruce Rauner’s special interest agenda. They committed to fight for real reforms that grow our economy by lifting up Illinois’ middle class which includes supporting fair wages, strengthening access to medical care for injured workers and protecting the right to collectively bargain. Stuart and Bristow both received endorsements from the Illinois AFL-CIO in the November General Election in recognition of their support on issues affecting working men and women across the state.

“Middle-class families are the backbone of the Metro East economy, but workers’ rights have come under attack from Bruce Rauner and his special interest agenda that pads the profits of big businesses at the expense of our families,” Bristow said. “While Mike Babcock stands in support of Bruce Rauner’s reckless anti-worker agenda, I stand with working families and am fighting to protect fair wages, safety in the workplace and collective bargaining rights for all.”

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September 4, 2018 at 12:53PM

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