Two area lawmakers are frustrated with the administration of St. Margaret’s Health.

State Senator Sue Rezin told WLPO Saturday, she nor State Representative Lance Yednock were briefed beforehand about plans to close SMH Peru on January 28. President and CEO Tim Muntz, Friday, referred to the planned action as a “temporary closing”. The two lawmakers are feeling ignored which Rezin expressed to the hospital’s lobbyist this weekend. Since then, St. Margaret’s Vice President Linda Burt has told us that calls with Rezin and Yednock are set for Monday. Burt also added the past work and help by the lawmakers is greatly appreciated. Rezin, Deputy Minority leader in the Senate is hopeful that Monday’s call sheds light on the Peru hospital’s future:

According to Rezin, a bill designating Peru SMH as a “Rural Emergency Hospital” was passed this session and signed by the Governor. The Illinois Department of Public Health is reviewing this, which could take two months. Rezin and Yednock promise to push it along. Even so, with IDPH approval, Rezin says, it isn’t a guarantee the hospital will re-open. Rezin saying she and Yednock want answers from hospital administrators which will entail additional meetings.


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January 21, 2023 at 06:28PM