PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Tuesday, a group of Peoria Public Schools students learned the path to becoming a state representative.

It was part of the district’s Horizons Club, which is a career readiness program for District 150 middle school students.

On Tuesday, 92nd District State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth spoke with students at Annie Jo Gordon Community Learning Center. The school was recently renamed after her own mother, who was the first African American employee at the Peoria Journal Star and a community activist.

Gordon-Booth spoke about her career and bills that she’s worked on that directly impact schools and students.

She said she was once in the students’ seat, and she hoped to provide inspiration.

"I want them to realize and tap into their own potential to know that whatever they set their minds to, with hard work, keeping good people in your life, and making good choices that they can really accomplish some really extraordinary things as well," Gordon-Booth said.

She added that she also learns from students by speaking to them as well.

"Spending time with young people, you really kind of get re-energized and re-excited about why we do what we do. You see the hope and the dreams in their eyes, you see the things that they’re scared about, the things that they worry about," Gordon-Booth said.

Around 800 students are a part of Horizons Club, with speakers coming in weekly.

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October 25, 2022 at 07:00PM