If Sue Scherer were to end up exactly in the middle of a rating system ranking of representatives, we’d be perfectly fine with that.

Scherer doesn’t chase headlines in manners similar to some of her Democrat counterparts. But she’s not nondescript – you don’t need to listen to Scherer long for her to make her positions clear. And perhaps most important, she remembers a part of her job is a public servant. As such, since she assumed office in 2013, she’s helped citizens cut through governmental red tape.

For those reasons and others, the Herald & Review is again endorsing Scherer in the Illinois 96th District in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Republican challenger Charlie McGorray has been present, as opposed to Herman Senor, who ran against Scherer in name only during the 2018 campaigns. McGorray generally endorses mainstream thought that Illinois is tax-happy and unfriendly to business, and House Speaker Michael Madigan needs to be removed from his position of power in Springfield.

We can all at least agree on that.

Scherer gets tied to Madigan because that’s an easy target and appeals to downstate voters of all political positions. Scherer has been reluctant to publicly denounce Madigan, and her votes often line up exactly where Madigan want them to.

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October 29, 2020 at 03:27AM