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State Rep. Anna Moeller plans to pursue legislation this year that will help people overcome challenges in their lives.

By Cassie Calloway, Neighbor
Rep. Moeller: 2020 Session Opportunity to Help People

ELGIN — Feeling the stress of personal challenges in your life? State Rep. Anna Moeller just may have an answer.

Rep. Moeller, D-Elgin, is pursuing an active legislative agenda in Springfield this year aimed at helping resolve lingering problems, from health care for seniors to child protection for state wards.

Read more about her 2020 agenda here:

After a historic 2019 legislative session, State Rep. Anna Moeller is preparing for an equally productive session in 2020.

Rep. Moeller, D-Elgin, expects a number of critical initiatives to be debated in Springfield in the 2020 spring legislative session that has recently begun, led by another balanced, bi-partisan state budget; clean energy legislation; and ethics reform to restore faith in government.

Moeller will be working on a number of issues before the session ends at the end of May:

Affordable Medications and Access to Healthcare – Illinoisans pay too much for quality health care, especially prescription drug coverage. Moeller is introduced HB5340, which creates a pharmaceutical collaborative through the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to reduce costs. She is also continuing efforts to create a system for the Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs from regulated Canadian suppliers to provide greater access to lower cost prescription drugs to consumers in Illinois. (HB4362)

Moeller serves as Chairwoman of the House Health Care Licenses Committee. She is proposing reforms to the professional licensing process for medical and other professions to ensure that consumers are protected, patients have access to healthcare and barriers to employment in licensed professions for minorities are removed. (HB5516)

Helping Seniors Stay in their Homes – Moeller believes Illinois can do more to keep seniors living longer in their homes, both to improve their quality of life and to save significant state dollars over nursing home care. She is proposing a $750 state income tax credit for Illinoisans who make modifications in their home to take care of their elderly parents. (HB4363) She also wants to increase the state-reimbursed pay to ensure that home health care workers who provide services to seniors in their homes are paid a living wage. (HB5051)

Protecting Vulnerable Children – Adopted as a baby by her maternal grandparents, Moeller is disheartened by the ongoing problems in the state’s foster care system. She is working with a group of dedicated lawmakers on reforms to the Department of Children and Family Services and has sponsored legislation to make positive changes in the state’s child welfare system.

One proposal would give investigators greater ability to investigate suspected abuse and neglect by interviewing children at school without parental notification if there is suspected abuse or neglect by the parent. (HB5614). Rep. Moeller is working with her Senate colleagues on a proposal to require children under kindergarten age to be enrolled in preschool if their family is under DCFS monitoring, so there is another set of eyes watching out for their safety and a proposal to address the high turnover of social workers through a proposal to provide a federally matched college tuition stipend for students who commit to getting a bachelor’s degree in social work and then work in the child welfare system for a set number of years.

"My goal as State Representative is to help people who often don’t have a voice and who are often left behind," Moeller said. "Lowering the cost of health care, supporting independent living by our seniors, protecting our vulnerable children: these are all ways I can make a difference in Springfield, and I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues to make progress on these and other important issues this spring."


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