St. Rep. Lance Yednock says political parties don’t matter to him or his neighbors, but results do. The Ottawa Democrat says one of the things he’s fighting for is lower taxes. His statement after the governor’s budget address Wednesday says Pritzker laid out a blueprint for the state’s financial future. He says the state needs to pay down its backlog of old bills and live within its means.

Yednock’s statement:
“Today’s address laid the blueprint for Illinois’ financial future. To put our state back on the right financial track, we must ensure that the state pays down its backlog of old bills and shows financial responsibility in its budget. The governor has the opportunity to continue moving Illinois forward by prioritizing middle-class families in Illinois while correcting the errors made by his predecessor, and I stand ready to work with my colleagues to accomplish that.

“Since day one, I have heard from residents in the Illinois Valley about the need for meaningful tax relief, and I’ve heard them loud and clear. For too long, legislators have punted the football on this issue, but it’s time for Springfield to tackle the most pressing issues head-on. We need to make sure working families aren’t priced out of their homes, and we can do that by reforming a broken system that doesn’t work for the middle class. Local families have to live within their means and their household budget, and it’s time for the state to do the same.
“My priority remains protecting working families. That means fighting for affordable health care, higher wages, realized pension payments, and lower taxes for the middle class. There is so much more work left to be done and I’ll work with Republicans and Democrats to get them done. Political parties don’t matter to me or my neighbors; but results do, and I am committed to making sure that our state works for all Illinois residents.”

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February 19, 2020 at 03:31PM