St. Rep. Lance Yednock says raising minimum wage to $15 per hour will affect 1.4 million workers and help 200,000 of them rise from poverty. He told the audience at the labor summit in Ottawa over the weekend, it takes two full time minimum wage jobs to tread water in Illinois.

Yednock expects a $15 minimum wage to generate $19 billion per year in new economic activity in the state. The Ottawa Democrat says minimum wage jobs aren’t just for teenagers starting out in the workforce anymore. He says if you go to the businesses that employ minimum wage people, you see a lot of moms and dads.

Yednock says labor unions are still relevant and their future leaders need to get ready. He told the labor summit audience he has no doubt that unions boost the standard of living.

Yednock says he spent time away from his family and friends, and he put his career on hold to run for office. But he says he ran because of the challenges labor unions are facing.


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January 20, 2020 at 02:03PM