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State Rep. Anna Moeller starts up her Coffee and Conversations meeting during the 2020 legislative session to talk with constituents.

By Cassie Calloway, Neighbor
Rep. Moeller: You're Invited for Coffee and Conversation

ELGIN — Got something on your mind about what’s going on in Springfield? Rep. Anna Moeller wants to hear about it.

The state representative for our area is inviting constituents to join her one Monday each month for the length of the legislative session for updates and discussion:

State Rep. Anna Moeller is inviting local residents and business owners to help her better advocate in Springfield this spring, over coffee.

Rep. Moeller, D-Elgin, has scheduled five Coffee and Conversations meetings during the 2020 spring legislative session. All of the meetings will run from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Blue Box Café, 176 E. Chicago St., in Elgin:
· Monday, Jan. 13
· Monday, February 10
· Monday, March 9
· Monday, April 13
· Monday, May 11

Each meeting will give Moeller a chance to update constituents on the issues being debated in Springfield as they develop, and let constituents share their perspective on state and local issues.

"I can best serve the 43rd House District and the people of Illinois when I am talking and meeting regularly with them, explaining our debates in Springfield and seeking their input on my positions on key issues," Moeller said. "I encourage everyone to join me for these lunch discussions at the Blue Box for a lively back and forth over coffee."

Questions? Contact Rep. Moeller’s district office at 847-841-7130 or


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