Illinois Rep. Katie Stuart, of Edwardsville, is introducing a bill that freezes cost of living adjustments, mileage and lodging reimbursement rates for legislators.

“Springfield politicians need a reminder that they represent the people of Illinois who pay for their perks,” Stuart said in the release. “I am proud to fight for freezes to legislators perks to hold politicians accountable to taxpayers, and save taxpayers money. That is why I am refusing to accept my legislative salary until a budget is in place and am rejecting a taxpayer-funded legislative pension.”

House Bill 643, Stuart’s release stated, would block automatic pay increases while freezing reimbursement rates for legislators, executive elected officials and state agency directors.
The release stated this would save taxpayer money.

Stuart — a former math instructor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville — ran in the 2016 election under the idea the budget needed a line-by-line audit to rid waste and return funds to vital services that have “been thrown by the wayside.”

“When I walk door to door, I see firsthand the impact the state’s lack of a budget has had on our community,” Stuart said in the release. “It is my top priority to pass a budget that protects and helps our families. I am using this legislation to let legislators know that enough is enough, it is time to get to work for the people of Illinois.”


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