ALTON, Ill. – State Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, is sharing his plan to encourage economic development and a more business friendly environment for downstate Illinois, and continuing his call for a full and balanced state budget.

“In order to help our economy grow, we need to be making reforms and putting into place practices that make our state friendlier to businesses,” Beiser said. “Obviously, a huge part of this, and what remains my number one priority is getting a balanced budget that does not hurt our most vulnerable citizens or drive down wages for working middle-class families.”

Beiser pointed to several tax initiatives that would provide relief for small businesses, including a cut in the tax placed on small and medium sized businesses, while also asking the largest companies to pay their fair share. Many of the largest corporations in Illinois pay no income tax, putting the real burden on those small and medium-sized employers, who are already at a competitive disadvantage against big business. A cut in taxes placed on businesses could benefit all businesses throughout Illinois and would allow them to invest more on creating new jobs, while also ensuring that all businesses pay something.

“In the 111th district, we have a lot of good, hard-working people who have lost their jobs due to unfair trade deals that have shipped American jobs overseas,” Beiser said. “I am supporting new tax policies that would end any tax breaks or incentives for companies that outsource jobs. I believe that by reforming our tax policy, and providing businesses with a good foundation to grow in, that we can grow jobs and see our local economy prosper.”

For more information, please contact Beiser’s constituent services office at 618-465-5900 or email

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