A new law capping the cost of prison phone calls is one way Illinois can take on criminal justice reform. That’s according to Democratic State Representative Carol Ammons. She sponsored the measure signed by Governor Bruce Rauner Monday. It caps those calls at 7-cents a minute, cutting the rate by more than half. She sponsored a bill limiting the cost of these calls to seven cents per minute, cutting the average rate by more than half. Ammons’ bill is one of five recently signed by Governor Bruce Rauner at an adult transition center in Chicago. There, she told the story of a woman who couldn’t call her parents while they were incarcerated. “And during that stay, she was unable to connect with them, because her grandmother, who struggled to raise the two children who were left behind, could not afford the phone calls, that cost them an enormous amount, the choice was food or phone," she said. "We know that in order for people to truly gain their lives back, and contribute to society,

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