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State Rep. Wants Lessons On ‘Sexting’ To Be Apart Of Sex Education

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A state lawmaker from Rockford is proposing children in Illinois schools be taught about the dangers and consequences of “sexting.”

State Representative Maurice West said children are now exposed to cellphone technology at younger and younger ages and may feel comfortable sharing explicit photos, not realizing how their lives could take a turn for the worse in doing so.

"Five, 10, 15 years from now, this can hurt you. This can come back and haunt you when you try to go into a career, when you try to go in to get a job. Let’s say you even try to get into politics," he said.

Representative West said his proposal would not cost schools any more money, because the sexting lessons in 6th through 12th grades could be folded into already-required sex education classes.

He said a constituent gave him the idea for the proposed law.

"Even though that this is a topic that may make adults uncomfortable, we have to address the elephant in room. We have to have these conversations with our youth," Rep. West said.

He said it’s really needed, because of how comfortable students are getting with cellphone technology at younger ages.

"I remember having my first phone as senior in high school, but now my goddaughter is eight and she got an iPhone for her birthday," he said.

West said children need to understand that sending someone an explicit photo of themselves or others could get them into criminal trouble, or in the very least, follow them through life as they try to get into schools or look to advance in their careers.

"Once it’s out, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have zero control," Rep. West said.

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January 9, 2020 at 08:21PM

Bristow Serves as Principal for the Day at Alton Middle School

ALTON State Rep. Monica Bristow, D-Alton, visited Alton Middle School on Monday to learn about the innovative ways they are working to educate students as part of the Principal for a Day program.

“I was impressed by the faculty and staff’s teamwork and dedication to creating a positive learning environment to encourage personal growth,” said Bristow. “Everyone in Alton Middle School, including administrators, teachers, aides, secretaries, and other staff all play a vital role in ensuring students receive the best education possible.”

Bristow visited Alton Middle School as part of the Principal for a Day Program with the Illinois Principals Association and was able to meet with a group of students involved in various activities including theater, sports, orchestra, and many other clubs. Bristow was also able to take a close look at classes designed to prepare students planning to attend college by teaching them goal setting and note-taking skills and was also able to observe robotics classes where students learn about mechanics and programming.

During the legislative session, Bristow supported several measures to assist rural schools attract highly skilled teachers and championed local schools by securing more than $3 million in new state funding for schools in her district.

“I want to thank the students, teachers, administrators, and staff of Alton Middle School for welcoming me to their school and showing me all of the amazing things happening in education here in Alton,” said Bristow. “I also want to thank all of the teachers and educators across the Riverbend for their tireless efforts to ensure the current and future success of our children.”

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October 25, 2019 at 09:37AM

Reitz awards Gilbault Catholic High School for athletic achievements

“Sports can play a huge roll in these students’ life and development, team sports build the values of hard work and cooperation, and help kids grow into better adults. I’m proud that we have such successful young athletes in Southern Illinois who have a bright future ahead of them. These signs are in recognition of their accomplishments, and of that future.”

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October 23, 2019 at 08:26PM

Reitz awards Gilbault Catholic High School for athletic achievements

“Sports can play a huge roll in these students’ life and development, team sports build the values of hard work and cooperation, and help kids grow into better adults. I’m proud that we have such successful young athletes in Southern Illinois who have a bright future ahead of them. These signs are in recognition of their accomplishments, and of that future.”

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October 23, 2019 at 08:26PM

Katie Stuart pushes for new minimum teacher salary in Illinois – Belleville News-Democrat

Katie Stuart pushes for new minimum teacher salary in Illinois  Belleville News-Democrat

State Representative Katie Stuart, an Edwardsville Democrat, pushed for a new minimum teacher salary in Illinois. She sponsored legislation to bring the …

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August 22, 2019 at 09:39AM

Manley’s district office is accepting school supply donations

Natalie Manley

Eric Ginnard –


Natalie Manley

State Rep. Natalie Manley’s district office in Romeoville is collecting school supplies for the Boys & Girls Club of Joliet.

Manley’s office will be accepting glue sticks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pink erasers, pocket folders, 24-packs of crayons, highlighters, spiral notebooks, scissors, 12-inch rulers, washable broad-tip markers and composition notebooks, according to a post on her office’s Facebook page.

Donors are asked to drop off items at the donation box outside Manley’s district office at 1050 W. Romeo Road in Romeoville. The office will be accepting donations from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Aug. 30.

Contact Manley’s office at 815-725-2741 or email for information.

Manley, D-Joliet, represents the 98th Illinois House district.

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August 14, 2019 at 10:32PM

Rep. Moeller: New School Curriculum Law Will Promote Fairness, Compassion

State Rep. Anna Moeller
State Rep. Anna Moeller. (

Elgin, IL-(ENEWSPF)- It isn’t often that we receive press releases from out-of-district members of the Illinois General Assembly. They are coming more frequently now, however. Not entirely certain why, but we will give these fair consideration for publication. This one, from Illinois State Rep. Anna Moeller, D-Elgin, arrived recently.

For the public’s sake, please remember that these statements are directly from offices of politicians. As such, they tend to be self-serving, but do provide insight into the priorities of those in the General Assembly. For that reason, we will continue to offer them to our thoughtful readers who can make their own determination of their value.

We will not include statements that purport to offer facts that are simply not true.

This one, however, is good news for our LGBQT readers in Illinois and those who support them. It would be good to hear similar sentiments from our representatives who serve Park Forest.

Unfortunately, Rep. Anthony DeLuca officially took no stance on this bill. He is registered as “NV”, or “No Vote,” when the bill came up for third reading on March 13, 2019, where it passed the House. The bill passed the Senate on May 23. State Senator Toi Hutchinson voted in favor of the bill.

The bill is now with Governor Pritzker, awaiting his signature.

Rep. Moeller’s Statement on HB 246 Requiring Illinois Schools to Include LGBQT Contributions in U.S. History Studies

State Rep. Anna Moeller, D-Elgin, issued the following statement in response to the signing of House Bill 246, which bars discrimination in state-funded textbooks in Illinois schools and requires schools to include instruction on the contributions of the LGBQT community in U.S. history studies:

“Today is an important and historic day for fairness and compassion in Illinois. I was proud to sponsor House Bill 246 and am delighted to see it become Illinois law.

“The new law’s goal is simple: to understand that people from different backgrounds deserve the same opportunity to learn and be recognized for their contributions in society as everyone else.

“Historically, gay and transgender people have been treated as second-class citizens: persecuted, discriminated against and forgotten. As our society has evolved to rectify these injustices, our school teaching should as well. I hope Illinois schools will embrace the opportunity to show that we all are equal and valuable through this commonsense update to their curriculum.

Illinois becomes the 5th state in the nation and first in the Midwest to adopt this change. I thank Gov. Pritzker for his leadership in signing and supporting this legislation, Sen. Heather Steans for her leadership in the Senate, my colleagues in the Legislature who voted for it, and the dedicated advocates – led by Equality Illinois, the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, and the Legacy Project – for their commitment to ending discrimination and helping cut through the uninformed and misguided arguments on House Bill 246.

“I look forward to continue working on legislation that recognizes we all matter, and we all deserve to be able to live happily and find our own path forward.”

This is a release from Illinois State Rep. Anna Moeller, D-Elgin.

This article, Rep. Moeller: New School Curriculum Law Will Promote Fairness, Compassion, was published on eNews Park Forest.

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August 11, 2019 at 09:35PM

Illinois House Passes Rep. Mayfield’s Education Efficiency Bill

Illinois House Passes Rep. Mayfield’s Education Efficiency Bill

Posted by on April 4, 2019 in Education | Comments Off on Illinois House Passes Rep. Mayfield’s Education Efficiency Bill

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

A bipartisan bill that could provide Illinoisans needed property tax relief passed unanimously on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives. Championed by State Rep. Rita Mayfield, D-Waukegan, House Bill 3053 would be a step toward ensuring more education dollars in Illinois are spent on students, teachers and classrooms rather than administration. In Illinois, “general administration” costs total $536 per student, higher than all neighboring states and nearly double the national average. This is due to the state’s overabundance of school districts, which serve far too few students per district when compared with other states. The bill looks to reduce Illinois’ 852 school districts, which account for nearly two-thirds of all property taxes collected statewide. A reduction in school districts would generate savings by decreasing administrative bloat and allowing more education dollars to reach the classroom. The bill would create the School District Efficiency Commission, comprised of 20 education experts from across the state, tasked with making recommendations to reduce the number school districts by at least 25 percent. Those recommendations would then go to local voters’ ballots in November 2020. One hundred and nine lawmakers voted in favor of the bill with none opposed. It now moves to the Senate with state Sen. Tom Cullerton, D-Villa Park, carrying it to a vote.

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April 4, 2019 at 06:08AM

Stuart congratulates Illinois Teacher of the Year Susan Converse

To honor her selection as Teacher of the Year, state Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) welcomed Edwardsville High School special education teacher Susan Converse to the Capitol to congratulate her on the House floor and add her name to the official legislative record.

“Susan Converse has stood out among her peers with her dedication and service to her students,” Stuart said. “I congratulate Mrs. Converse for all she has done for the Edwardsville School District and community.”

Converse began her career in education in 1995 after working as an education reporter. She has taught students with emotional and mental disabilities at all levels and served as a school administrator. In 2016, Converse opened a student-run coffee and pastry shop called the Tiger Den at Edwardsville High School. Under her guidance, students with disabilities gained skills and independence by running all aspects of the Tiger Den’s operations. In addition to enriching the lives of students, the Tiger Den has donated more than $10,000 to local families and community development in the past two years.

Because of her dedication to her students’ success, Converse was named the Illinois State Board of Education’s 2019 Teacher of the Year. Stuart recently passed House Resolution 147 congratulating Converse on this honor and presented her with a copy of the resolution at the Capitol.

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